Do I have to pay the full amount upon booking?  Or do I pay a deposit?  Is the deposit applied to my charter amount due?

  • No, you do not have the pay the full amount for your charter, just deposit.
  • We do require a deposit to secure your booking. See booking page.
  • Yes, the deposit is applied to your total amount due for your charter.

Can the boat be booked online?

  • Absolutely! please click on the “Book Now” buttons that are listed all over the website before calling us. The online booking system is real-time, and up-to-minute on availability! If boats are booking fast, don’t call us, book immediately online.

Where do the boats pick us up from?  ***read carefully***

  • The boat “Shaken, Not Stirred” is harbored out of VIP Marina at 16107 Farm to Market Rd 2769 B, Leander, TX 78641.  The boat ride over to Devil’s Cove is roughly 10-15 minutes max.
  • The boat “Casino Royale” is harbored out of NorthShore Marina at 6612 Lantern View Dr, Jonestown, TX 78645. The boat ride to the cove is only a few minutes. It’s a 10 minute longer drive from downtown, but a shorter trip on the lake to your destination, which means more time playing in the water.

Can the boat pick us up or drop us off at another location?  The answer is NO!

  • We can ONLY PICK UP AND DROP OFF AT THE MARINAS LISTED ABOVE, WHERE THE SPECIFIC BOAT RESIDES. WE CANNOT PICK UP AT ALTERNATE MARINAS, PRIVATE DOCKS, etc. Other marinas will not allow pickups or drops off’s due to liability reasons

Do the boats have great stereos?

  • Yes!  All our yachts have JL Audio, Polk Audio, Kicker equipment on board. Each boat has 2000 to 3000 watt stereo systems with subwoofers, and bluetooth connectivity. We also have usb plugins so that you can charge your phones or devices(usb cables not supplied).

Do the boats come with a captain? 

  •  Yes, all boats come with a captain! (NO EXCEPTIONS)  All our captains are registered with the state as Party Boat Operators!  Make sure that the company you book with has registered captains, your safety relies on that!

Why are deposits non-refundable?

  • Deposits are non-refundable due to the time it takes to prep these boats for charter. This work happens all during the week, as well the day of the charter, which employees need to be compensated for. Unfortunately we have no control over the weather, and we do our best to reschedule you for another time if it works with your schedule. All of the other companies have a similar policy, if not a more expensive deposit than we do.

Does the boat go to a party cove, or what they call Devil’s Cove?

  • Yes!   99% of our charters want to go to Devil’s Cove for their party. Unlike party barges, we ARE able to anchor in Devil’s Cove and put you right in the middle of the party! 

Can we bring alcohol on board?  Do you supply alcohol for us? Can you buy alcohol at the dock? What about ice for coolers?

  • Yes, you can bring whatever alcohol you like on board, even liquor bottles!  Unfortunately, we cannot supply liquor, beer, wine under strict laws put in place by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission. Our ship stores at the docks do carry some beer choices, and even some wine, but selections are limited and not guaranteed availability.  Most of our customers pick up alcohol ahead of time and load it in their Uber/Lyft or party bus, and some even have alcohol delivered right to their AirBnB or hotel ahead of time via Drizly mobile app.
  • Ice you can buy right at the dock stores, so no need to lug it along on your trip out to the lake. 

Do the boats come with coolers and or a refrigerator?

  • Yes!:)
  • Shaken, Not Stirred has a 5 cubic foot refrigerator, as well as a huge 260 can+ plus cooler on board. 
  • Casino Royale has 2 huge coolers on board, as well as a full-size refrigerator and freezer. 
  • Both boats have kitchens, see photos! 

Do you guys cook on the boat?

No, and the reasons are simple… 1. fires and boats do not mix 2. We don’t want cockroach infestations from having grills on board as a constant source of food. 3. Why have a captain cook for you, when you can enjoy great food that Austin is known for… just doesn’t make sense to have cheap burgers from someone who is not a chef.

Can we bring floats on board?

Absolutely!  But you will not need them!  We supply the boats with tons of life jackets, noodles, as well as a Lilly Pad!  We do have an electric inflator available on each boat for floats, but again(to be honest), it’s a pain in the ass for you to have to inflate or deflate them at the end of your charter even with an electric pump. PLEASE no 75 lbs monster floats, they do not fit on the boats!

What is the bad weather policy?

  • If we have lightning, heavy rains, or dangerous winds,  the captain will cancel the charter. If there is a light sprinkle, the boat will still go out on the charter. If the weather starts out nice, then we run into in-climate weather, we will bring the boat back in early, and you will only be charged for the time you were out. Captain makes the call on the weather, not the customer!

If the charter is cancelled due to bad weather, do I get my money back?

  •  You will get your money back, minus the deposit. There is a lot of time that goes into prepping these yachts before a charter on a weekly basis, so we cannot afford to refund the deposit. If for some reason a charter is cancelled due to weather, if you split the deposit costs between all members of your party, you are only out roughly $15-$20 per head.

Do the boats come with life jackets? Lilly pad? Noodles?

  • Yes! All boats are supplied with life jackets for all adults. We do not have life jackets on board for children or infants, and those need to be supplied by the parent, and they need to properly fit!  All boats are supplied with a Lilly Pad and noodles for all passengers! 

Who do you recommend for transportation?

  • We recommend Uber or Lyft to our customers, and yes, they are timely and go to both marinas. If you would like to transport your whole party via a limo, bus, or van, make sure to check out our Transportation page for other options. On holiday weekends, we strongly suggest using a party bus, van service, etc – due to the surge pricing that can occur with Uber and Lyft.

Do we have to sign any waivers?

  • Yes, all passengers MUST sign a Release of Liability Waiver on the boat before departing, and the person booking the boat will have to sign a Damage Waiver that is automatically presented to them at the time of securing the booking online. If the boat is damaged, you are liable for the price of the parts, repair, plus $100.00.  If your party trashes the boat, you are subject to a $200 clean up fee, so respect our business and our property.

Is there a restroom on board?

  • YES!    98% of the party boats do NOT come equipped with a restroom on board! ALL OUR BOATS HAVE PRIVATE RESTROOMS! 

Do we give discounts?

  • No, we only have so many months out of the year to make our money, and these boats require a lot of upkeep, maintenance, and carrying costs to operate.